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About swipegains


About swipegains

Swipegains is a product of Mudarabah Infotech India Pvt. Ltd., a company that is focused on bringing value. It is designed keeping in mind the growing use of navigation among people in India. With swipegains, we aim to support small-scale vendors and retailers who are barely visible online.

Swipegains allows you to search for any of the local stores in your surrounding/locality like - medical store, grocery store, electronics store etc. No matter what you’re looking for - we have it all covered.

Why make an online order... when what you need is around the corner!!

Wouldn’t it be virtuous to get rewarded on every little purchase?
Swipegains does just that! Use the reward points for future purchases; shop and earn from the best vendors.

Let’s get started..



Looking for a local shop near you? Just type it in Swipegains and get every available option in seconds.
Select a store and reach there without any hassle by following the navigation.



Buy what you need or hire your required service and complete the payment. Then mention swipegains to the vendor and claim your reward points.
Watch those points grow each time with each purchase.



Keep collecting reward points and redeem them on your daily purchase to save an immense amount of money.
(The value of each reward point is 1 rupee*.)



Don’t keep the benefits to yourself - spread the goodness by recommending Swipegains and get rewarded even more!

Invite your friends > When they make a purchase through swipegains > You will get rewarded along.

Isn’t that wonderful? Just refer Swipegains and keep earning!

swipegains Features

  • Quick Installation

    swipegains takes only a few seconds to download and install.

  • Speedy and Simple

    It takes just one swipe to explore several stores instantly.

  • Nearby Stores

    Find all kinds of local stores around you using a keyword search.

  • Wide Range of Choices

    Choose a nearby store from an extensive list of options.

  • Informed Selection

    Check out the shop details, reviews & photos before making your choice.

  • Easy Directions

    Real-time navigation to visit local shops within a few minutes.

  • Earn Rewards

    Buy what you need and get rewarded with every transaction.

  • Economical

    A cost-effective means for maintaining your daily and monthly budget.

How swipegains Works

swipegains makes it easy to save on your day-to-day purchases. All you have to do is type what you desire and swipe once to check it’s proximity. Buy from any swipegains authorized store and gain points.


Download the App

Install swipegains on your device. Register for free and start swiping for nearest stores!


Discover Local Stores

Browse the app for a particular product/service and locate numerous stores around you.


Visit the Shop

Earn points, redeem them and reward yourself later by saving on future purchases.


swipegains App Screens


No more waiting for delivery...
buy anything from a shop near you instantly.

Download the swipegains app and enjoy it

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, swipegains is absolutely free to join. With our app, we want you to easily locate the nearby stores. Our mission is to save your time by making you familiar with your closest stores.
To get started, you just need to sign up using your phone number and enter the OTP.
At swipegains, you will find all kinds of local shops; from small scale retailers and vendors to large scale store that are within your reach.
Each reward point is worth 1 Rupee at the time of redeeming.
You can redeem your points any time you make a purchase for 100 INR or more.
Simply go to the app, click on the section ‘Become a Vendor’, fill out the form with your shop details and complete the KYC to ensure your identity.
Yes, you can view your previous swipegains orders by tapping on the ‘My Orders’ section on the app.
Yes, swipegains allow users to transfer their wallet points. Also once you refer the app to your friend, he will also get a reward on his every purchase.
Yes, swipegains is available for you! Our app is designed especially to serve as a local store guide to people in India.

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